Why They Do It

Inside the Mind of the White-Collar Criminal

Harvard Business School professor Eugene Soltes, a featured expert in Collared, had extensive personal interaction and correspondence with nearly fifty former executives in a quest to determine what drove wealthy and powerful people like the financial fraudsters of Enron, the insider traders at McKinsey or the Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff, to white-collar crime. In this interview, Professor Soltes explains what he has learned from these interactions with white-collar-criminals.

In his book Why They Do It – Inside the Mind of the White-Collar Criminals, Professor Soltes reveals how the usual explanations fail to tell the whole story of why many seemingly successful people go over the line. Relying on research in psychology, criminology, and economics, he investigates how once-celebrated executives became white-collar criminals. He explores how white-collar criminals are generally normal people taking decisions on the basis of their intuitions and making mistakes that we are all susceptible to making. The main difference is that we are not generally in those types of leadership positions that when we make an error it actually has that kind of cataclysmic consequences on thousands or tens of thousands of people.

The product of seven years in the company of the men behind the largest corporate crimes in history, Why They Do It is a breakthrough look at the dark side of the business world. Never before have we been able to peer so deeply into the minds of the many prominent perpetrators of white-collar crime.

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A forcefully developed and documented contribution to our further understanding of high-level criminality in lightly regulated free markets. Kirkus Review

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