A Visual Advocacy Project

Engaging with academia to make high-quality edutainment accessible to all

Collared is the first UDocs (“University Documentaries”), a visual advocacy project by VoirDire FILM. A key component of the UDocs project is to engage educational institutions, university students and scholars in the research and development of high quality edutainment visual content. Younger demographics are attracted to video more than any other medium, and visual content is a direct highway to their heart. VoirDire FILM’s works with universities and professionals to develop a new approach to storytelling for education in various fields of study and deliver high-quality education accessible to all through well-researched media content.

The Collared project showcases the potential of edutainment for academia and illustrates how a new generation of visual advocates can create engaging visual content on attention-grabbing issues and contribute to the advancement of the greater good.

Collared is a visual legal advocacy project produced with the support of the Fund for Innovation in Law and Media (FILM) established at Osgoode Hall Law School of York University, as well as in partnership with the Hennick Centre for Business and Law. In the video below, York University students who have collaborated to the research and development of Collared, expose their vision of the potential of visual advocacy.


You are a university scholar or student? You have a good story and a wealth of knowledge to share and would love to see it brought to life in an edutainment documentary film like Collared? Reach out to us to explore how we can engage with you and your educational institution to create the next chapter of the UDocs series.

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